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We are manufacturer and seller of bookbinding cloth. In order to introduce our products, we are presenting the website here. Our products are made of natural materials such as silk, cotton, linen, rayon and so on, making our cloth soft.We have been developing our products for a long time, although they have the traditional design. Those products are directly dyed into elegant and sophisticated color.

Those cloth are backed with paper suitable to the cloth color and used for various products such as book, package, notebook,paper products, album, picture frame and wall covering. We have bound those products into the sample books as "Book Binding Fabric Cloth 375" and would like to deliver them to the publishers, bookbinders, printers and designers all over the world.
We are confident of our textile, color and design which are selected from 1,000 items. And also they are environmentally sound products, as they are mainly made of natural fiber.

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South / North America

The Campbell-Logan Bindery
212 Second Street North,
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Mr.Gregor Campbell


Shenzhen / China

Shenzhen Magic Paper Co.,Ltd
7F.204Tairan Industrial District, Che Gong Miao
Shenzhen, Guangdong,China 518040



Rainbow Sun Intl., Co., Ltd.
2F, No.22, Lane 89. Chang Shun St.,
Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Mr.Wen-Chang Huang


Other Area

Bunyusha Co., Ltd.
3-19-3 Ryogoku Sumida-ku

Tokyo 130-0026 Japan
TEL:+81 3-5625-5118



World Cloth Co., Ltd.

4-4-8 Hirai Edogawa-ku

Tokyo 132-0035

TEL:+81 3-5875-0805

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World Cloth Co., LTD.

4-4-8 Hirai Edogawa-ku

Tokyo 132-0035 JAPAN

TEL:+81 3-5875-0805

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